Yes #Momentum those on £26k pa aren’t middle class, but those earning above that, are …


Momentum Video

Why, given the foregoing based on Labour’s 2017 General Election Manifesto, have the people behind Momentum failed to grasp that Labour was clearly pitching for the votes of those whom they mock in their video?

Team Corbyn made an unashamed pitch for the middle class vote by pledging universal free university tuition; free universal childcare; free universal school meals; a write off, may be, of student debt; cheaper rail fares and so on. And, if you earned less than £80k per annum, John McDonnell said, you would pay no extra Income Tax and National Insurance for five years or the length of Jeremy Corbyn’s first term as Prime Minister.

Moreover, is it wise to promote division within the Labour Party amongst Jeremy Corbyn’s most ardent fans?

Older, well off Lefties (2)

Jeremy Corbyn’s gross pension income (and remember Jeremy was not slow in coming forward to pledge Labour to keep the Pensions Triple Lock in place whilst saying Labour could not afford to end the benefits cap and benefits freeze) is currently £36,049.90 per annum:Corbyn State Pension

Corbyn Occupational Pension

This pension income puts Corbyn into the top 40% of income earners.  The average income is around £27,000 per year and 60% earn that amount or less.  Should Corbyn ever retire then it is estimated that his MP’s occupational pension will, in today’s money, amount to £50,000 per year.  Adding that figure to the £36,049.90 above, we come to a grand total of £86,049.90 which would put Corbyn, today, into the top 5% of income earners.  Corbyn, incidentally, does not think himself wealthy on £138,000 per year.

More than half of Labour’s members are graduates, with an average age of 53 and fairly affluent – with 77% of those surveyed from an ABC1 social group – up from 70% in 2015

Oops, Momentum?

How Britain voted at the 2017 general election

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More equal than the others – that’s how the middle class stays ahead

Is Corbyn’s brand of Islington Socialism, Labour, an organised hypocrisy?

Were the voters of Canterbury inspired by Corbyn to vote Labour or did they vote with their wallets?

Never Corbyn and Labour has so much been pledged to so few for so little overall gain in a General Election


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