When #McCluskey pulls #Corbyn’s strings, #Labour, Jeremy speaks Len’s words …


Laying out the case for leaving the single market, Corbyn used language we have rarely heard from him – blaming immigration for harming the lives of British workers.

The Labour leader said that after leaving the EU, there would still be European workers in Britain and vice versa. He added, “What there wouldn’t be is the wholesale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe in order to destroy conditions, particularly in the construction industry.”

“wholesale” EU immigration has destroyed conditions for British workers


Let’s have no doubt, says McCluskey free movement of labour a class question

There was a time, not so long ago, when people thought Jeremy Corbyn was a utopian ultra-lefty:

‘What we’ve achieved so far’: an interview with Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Interview (Part 3)

Labour leader would expect immigration to fall on his watch

but clearly when Len McCluskey jerks his chain then he speaks the words of Chairman Len:

McCluskeyCAn approach that will leave the UK outside of the Single Market.


Tis Official #Corbyn More Left Wing Than #Labour’s Attlee & Bevan, Only Hardie & Jesus Christ to Go …


The Beveridge Report, written by a Liberal, came out in 1942.

Labour, under Attlee and Greenwood, stood shoulder to shoulder with Churchill in May 1940 to face down Tory moves to come to an understanding with Hitler.

Is Lansman alleging that the Left were slow in coming forward with regards to ideas to expand the Welfare State, whose substantial foundations were dug by Liberals Lloyd George and Churchill and that Corbyn’s brand of paternalist Socialism will only ever be a follower of public opinion, not a shaper of it?

And what about the ‘small’ matter of Corbyn’s lack of patriotism?  Is that why Lansman only goes back as far as 1942?

My response to Corbyn’s request for my views on Syria

What would Labour’s Bevin have thought of Corbyn’s request for my views on Syria?

The case for a stronger United Nations to protect and keep the peace



Are the #Corbyn Boys #Labour just Tories who took a wrong turn on leaving public school?


More than a whiff of Jeremy Corbyn bearing the White Man’s Burden about this meme, put online in the run up to polling day …

Of course, had Jeremy Corbyn been born into the same sort of family in the nineteenth century that he was born into in 1949, then he would have either gone into the Church of England or been sent out to the colonies to make his fortune.  For those were the only acceptable forms of employment open to the not especially bright, youngest sons of the landed gentry.

Lenny Henry – Ofcom, TV & Fake Diversity (Full Speech)


Campaign for Broadcasting Equality CIO


 “Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen ,honoured guests….that bloke at the back who’s just here for the meat raffle; Good afternoon.

Now I think you’ll all agree that in today’s Britain with Brexit looming, the need for all our voices to be heard is more important than ever. In a country where racist attacks are on the rise, diversity is not a luxury , it is essential.

And in an age where people retreat into their own social media bubbles of self reinforcing and extreme world views, and that includes the leader of the free world, diversity isn’t a luxury , it is essential.

A media that reflects everyone’s realities , fears, aspirations and stories, is perhaps the only solution to our increasingly splintered society.

It can be the glue that binds. .

In one of the most competitive international markets, where original content creation is…

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When did John McDonnell tell Seb #Corbyn that the #Labour Party was not set to write off his student debt?


When did John McDonnell tell Seb Corbyn that his dad was not actually going to be writing off his student debt?

Jeremy Corbyn’s son was handed a top job working for Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell after helping his father secure the Labour Party leadership.In a brazen display of jobs for the boys, Seb Corbyn was given the plum role of chief of staff to McDonnell where he is thought to earn up to £48,000 a year, paid for from the public purse.Seb, a graduate of Politics, Political Economy and International Studies at ultra-elite Cambridge University, initially worked for his dad during Corbyn senior’s leadership campaign in September 2015.

In February 2016, Seb was described as a “dedicated revolutionary” with one friend saying “Seb is very much his father’s son.”  Seven months later the New Statesmen branded Seb a “bag-carrier and all-purpose aide” for the leadership election.Labour insiders said at the time McDonnell, who is one of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest political allies, was keen for Seb to take a role in his back office because of the “name recognition thing”.

According to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, senior parliamentary assistants in London earn between £33,000 and £48,913 a year.But the 25-year-old’s position is at odds with with his dad’s pre-election promise to tackle discrimination in the workplace.In May, Corbyn said a Labour government would look at introducing ‘name-blind’ recruitment.  Under the plans employers could be barred from seeing the names of candidates as part of a drive to cut unemployment among black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities.

Labour’s “race and faith manifesto” promised, “A Labour government will launch an inquiry into recruitment discrimination and consider initiatives to tackle ethnic bias, including exploring the practicalities in rolling out name-blind recruitment practices if necessary.”In the run-up to the June election Labour was forced to deny Seb would run for Parliament after he was rumoured to considering standing in an ultra-safe Liverpool seat.

A spokesperson for Corbyn said it was “categorically untrue” that Seb was poised to try to follow his father.

But Seb is already looking to the next election, using his Facebook page to criticise the Prime Minister and call for a Labour government.  In a post on June 28, he wrote, “I look forward to getting rid of the self serving Tory elite running our country at the next election and to Labour giving public sector workers the pay rise they deserve.”

McDonnell’s office have been asked if ‘name-blind’ recruitment was used to hire Seb Corbyn’s.  The Shadow Chancellor’s office refused to comment on how Seb was selected for the role as chief of staff or his wage.A spokesman said: “We don’t comment on staffing matters.”


A defining trait of the middle class into which the Corbyns, both Jeremy and Seb, were born is a weakness for nepotism …

And nepotism is just a fancy way of describing discriminatory behaviour.

#TuesdayThoughts for #Corbyn’s Summer 2017, Hard #BREXIT, End of the Pier Show Tour for #Labour …


Corbyn awards Labour membership seven and a half out of ten for loyalty …

Support for Britain to remain in the EU single market and customs union is overwhelming among Labour party members, according to a poll showing that more than eight out of 10 think the UK should stay in Europe’s key trading blocs.

The figures, from research carried out as part of the Party Members Project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and shared exclusively with the Guardian, also show heavy backing for a second referendum.

The figures could pile pressure on Jeremy Corbyn over his party’s position on Brexit, which is currently against maintaining full single market membership, because he is determined to give members a bigger voice.

The Labour leader told his party’s MPs on Monday night that the party had 560,000 members whom he wanted to be actively engaging with.

On Brexit, the survey revealed that their views are fiercely pro-EU, including that:

A. 9% of members think there should “definitely” be a vote on the final Brexit deal, with a further 29.4% answering “more yes than no” to the question, and only 8.8% definitely opposing it.

B. Two-thirds of members (66%) think Britain should definitely stay in the single market with a further fifth (20.7%) saying “more yes than no” to the question. Only 4.2% of Labour members said they definitely believed Britain should leave the grouping.

C. There were similar levels of support on the customs union with 63.1% saying Britain should definitely stay within the group, 22.2% leaning towards the same position, and only 2.4% saying the UK should definitely leave it.