Thank God, #Corbyn called for the benefit cap to be completely scrapped at #GE2017, eh, #Labour?


“The commitment I make is that I do understand the perverse effects of the cap.”

“More babies and toddlers than ever are being unlawfully hit by the Government’s benefit cap policy despite a High Court ruling against it, the latest official figures show.

Department for Work and Pensioners figures show that 3,000 more single-parent families with children under two have been hit by the policy in the last three months alone – while the Government appeals the decision.

In June, Mr Justice Collins ruled that the benefit cap was “causing real misery for no good purpose” because single parents with children under two years old do not have easy access to childcare that would allow them to work.”

More babies unlawfully hit by benefit cap than ever afore, August 2017

In September 2015, Jeremy Corbyn said:

“I simply ask the question: what kind of a society are we living in where we deliberately put regulations through knowing what the effects are going to be on very poor and very vulnerable people who end up committing suicide? And we say it’s all part of a normal process: no it is not.”

“As I’m concerned the amendments we’re putting forward are to remove the whole idea of the benefit cap altogether,” he explained. “We’ll bring down the welfare bill in Britain by controlling rents and boosting wages not by impoverishing families and the most vulnerable people.”

The Tories’ benefit cap should be completely scrapped, Jeremy Corbyn says

In 2017, during the General Election, Jeremy Corbyn did not commit Labour to end the benefits cap and benefits freeze.  He did commit Labour to maintaining the Pensions Triple Lock, to providing universal free university tuition from September 2017 and to doing something, ill defined, about student debt.

“To recap, the benefit freeze means welfare payments won’t rise in line with inflation until 2020, squeezing the little spending power claimants have as the post-referendum fall in the pound drives inflation up.”

“There was surprise when Labour didn’t even mention  the freeze in its manifesto. There was even more surprise when at the manifesto launch, Corbyn said that he would end the freeze – the first of four successive positions the party adopted on the policy that day, ending in a statement by Emily Thornberry that ending the freeze would cost too much.

There the matter lay until Jeremy Paxman brought it up in his televised interrogation of the Labour leader. Corbyn said – after much prevarication – that benefits “are not going to be frozen because they will be uprated every year as they should be”.

Only for frontbench ally Barry Gardiner to ‘clarify hours later that Corbyn hadn’t meant he would uprate all benefits, just some, costing £2bn a year.”

Why Labour’s welfare mess matters

Despite what some of Corbyn’s ardent middle class supporters might think, the working age poor are not fashion accessories, only to be worn by their idol during Labour leadership elections.

As for those Corbyn supporters, I am sure there are some, genuinely concerned about the working age poor then they need to ask how Labour went into a General Election with policies that would yield these results:


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