Another day, another pile of ordure from Owen Jones on behalf of #Corbyn’s #Labour


Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn said it could not afford to end the benefits freeze and benefit cap, if it won the 2017 General Election:Labour’s General Election 2017 Manifesto, enthusiastically endorsed and promoted by Jeremy Corbyn, would have kept £7bn out of the £9bn of planned Tory Social Security cuts over which Iain Duncan Smith resigned.

Labour under Corbyn, whom Owen Jones has hailed as a champion of anti-austerity, would have left in place the benefit cap and the benefits freeze.

To put the benefits freeze into context, the basic rate of Income Support for a lone parent, over 18, has been frozen at £73.10 per week since April 2015.

There are currently 401,630 lone parents on Income Support in Great Britain.

Whilst Labour under Corbyn, whom Owen Jones regularly says is the politician most concerned about the left behind, said it could not afford to end the benefit cap and benefits freeze, it did say it would keep in place the Pension Triple Lock.

The Triple Lock guarantees all pensioners, regardless of income, at least a 2.5% increase in their State Pension, even if inflation is rising at less than 2.5%.

Jeremy Corbyn, that anti-austerity champion lauded to the skies by Owen Jones, puts free university tuition for mostly middle and upper class youth before seriously tackling child poverty.

Why should the left behind vote for a Labour Party, Owen Jones, when its leader is nowhere near as anti-austerity as you claim?

In fact, Corbyn is more concerned about increasing the size of the middle class welfare state than he is in reversing actual cuts in Social Security that have borne down most on the poor, sick and needy.

Jeremy Corbyn now displays the behaviour of one of the stereotypical neo-liberals of Owen Jones’ fevered imagination.


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