Jeremy #Corbyn, lifelong opponent of #UK’s #EU membership, unveils new #Labour General Election posters …


“Jonathan Portes, the economist, said, “These statistics confirm that BREXIT is having a significant impact on migration flows, even before we have left the EU or any changes are made to law or policy.

“EU nationals, both those already here and those considering a move to the UK, are understandably concerned about their future status in the UK.  My earlier research suggested that Brexit was likely to lead to a large fall in EU migration to the UK, with a significant negative impact on the UK economy.” ”

“Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said, “Tory migration policy is a shambles.  Against all advice, Theresa May continues to insist in maintaining an arbitrary net migration target of under 100,000, which has never once been met.

Now it seems that her long-running campaign to malign international students is based on fantasy, with no evidence of a major issue with students overstaying.  Some in government appear to be waking up to the idea that overseas students make a valuable contribution to our country and have belatedly asked the Migration Advisory Committee to gather evidence.

Labour will offer fair rules and reasonable management of migration; prioritising jobs, growth and prosperity, not bogus net migration targets.” “

Laying out the case for leaving the single market, recently, Corbyn used language we have rarely heard from him, blaming immigration for harming the lives of British workers.  The Labour leader said that after leaving the EU, there would still be European workers in Britain and vice versa.  He added, “What there wouldn’t be is the wholesale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe in order to destroy conditions, particularly in the construction industry.”

There is no empirical evidence upon which Corbyn may base his assertion about migrant construction workers, but there is this ukip election poster:

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