#BREXIT O’Rourke performed live at #TWT2017 & #Lab17 with @UKLabour’s @jeremycorbyn!


Corbyn blamed immigration for harming the lives of British workers

Laying out the case for leaving the single market, Corbyn used language we have rarely heard from him, blaming immigration for harming the lives of British workers.

The Labour leader said that after leaving the EU, there would still be European workers in Britain and vice versa. He added, “What there wouldn’t be is the wholesale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe in order to destroy conditions, particularly in the construction industry.”

“wholesale” EU immigration has destroyed conditions for British workers

ukip couldn’t find a British bricklayer to to appear in its poster campaign

“ukip at the weekend announced details of a £1.5 million poster campaign to be rolled out across the country. One shows a “builder” with the headline “EU Policy At Work”, followed by the caption: “British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour.” ”

The ‘British builder’ portrayed in the ukip poster, begging on the street and accusing EU workers of taking UK jobs, was actually an Irish actor, called Dave O’Rourke from Dublin.  O’Rourke had been resident in the UK for at least ten years before posing for the poster in 2014.

The gaffe emerged just hours after ukip suspended a real builder who appeared in an election broadcast video wearing a hard hat for a series of tweets which condemned Islam as “evil “and branded the Prophet Mohammed a paedophile.

Face of ukip poster is Irish migrant actor



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