.@UKLabour Party is institutionally sexist & @JeremyCorbyn hasn’t got a clue


The Labour Party is institutionally sexist.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is leading calls for the “Augean stables to be swept clean” amid growing sexual harassment scandal.

And in other news, in Scotland, some in Labour think a choice between two men as leader will revive the party’s fortunes there.

The Labour Party is institutionally sexist.


Because it has all women short lists.

Its white, middle class male leader thinks such lists are something of which to be proud.

Jeremy Corbyn, a white, middle class male of no especial ability, is proud of the fact that the only way in which Labour can guarantee getting its membership to not discriminate against women, when selecting candidates, is to not give them, on some occasions, a choice about whether or not they may discriminate.

Labour is accommodating not challenging the sexism of its own membership.


Ask yourself.

Is Jeremy Corbyn leading Labour because he is a talented, hard working, insightful leader and skilled orator, who has done much for society in his long political career?

Or because he is a white, middle class male, like much of the party’s membership?

Jeremy Corbyn the only person who could stand up for women

Child poverty will rise, not incidentally or accidentally, under Labour

Some Jeremy Corbyn fans not happy with responses to this Labour meme?



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