Middle class @JeremyCorbyn fan celebrates ever greater middle class involvement in @UKLabour …

There are proportionally more ABC1s, middle and upper class, amongst Labour’s membership under Jeremy Corbyn today than there were in 2015 under Ed Miliband …

True, there are proportionally more women than men than was the case two years ago, but Labour’s membership is becoming ever more middle (and upper) class and concentrated in London and the South.

The Tories are now neck and neck with Labour when it comes to attracting support amongst the working class:

Bringing “the middle classes into the movement is in the right direction” is it?

When the middle classes were already dominating Labour’s membership and at a time when the party is facing serious competition from the Conservatives for the votes of the working class, whatever their ethnicity?

And, somehow, speaking as a risen plebeian, I do not think workshops like this one at The World Transformed 2017 are going to help matters:In fact, they tend to confirm the view that the leftie officer class, as personified by silly arse Third Lieutenant Jeremy Corbyn, is once more confident that it knows what is best for the other ranks, without ever engaging with said other ranks and asking them about their hopes, fears, wants and aspirations.

Moreover, there are way too many officers now amongst Labour’s membership.¬† Way too many staff officers, the chaps back at base, well behind the lines and nowhere near enough logistics and combat officers and other ranks.

The old sweats, the Poor Bloody Infantry, those who campaign for Labour in bad as well as good times; on rainy days as well as on sunny days; in the roads of the Council estates as much, if not more, as on the avenues of the leafy suburbs; they are fading away, when they are not dying or moving away.


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