.@JeremyCorbyn supporting @UKLabour MP associates ghettoes with high crime levels …


Emma Dent Coad, the newly elected Labour Member of Parliament for Kensington sounds a right charmer, but she is indicative of the mindset of some of the posh people with whom Jeremy Corbyn feels most at home:














Emma Dent Coad is a member of a party, some of whose members separate out non whites from whites, when deciding on the politics with which the working class should be happy (see below for the theme of a workshop at ‘Peoples’ Momentum’s The World Transformed 2017 Conference).

Shaun Bailey was born in North Kensington, London in 1971, where he and his younger brother were raised by his mother and extended family in the absence of his father, a lorry driver.  The family are of Jamaican origin.

Emma Dent Coad was born in Chelsea, the youngest of six children.  Her father was Professor Charles Enrique Dent, an eminent Spanish-born biochemist, and her mother was Ruth Coad, a nurse and daughter of a canon of Chester Cathedral.


Emma Dent Coad is a member of a party, whose leader employs posh boys who pen patronising, condescending memes like the one below.

James Schneider, Jeremy Corbyn’s minder, bagman and primary care giver, went to Winchester.  Schneider’s father had a few embarrassing conversations with HMRC, but that has not prevented James from becoming a gentleman of leisure.

James was a Cameron groupie in the late 2000s and, if he voted Labour this year, then it will have been the first time, ever in his life, that he has voted Labour.Emma Dent Coad is a member of a party, whose leader treats women like second class citizens:

Emma Dent Coad is a member of a party, some of whose most senior members believe in unearned entitlement and privilege; practise nepotism; send their children to expensive private schools, whilst campaigning vigorously against grammar schools; and who are openly racist, misogynist, sexist, snobbish …

Nostalgie de la boue?

A literal translation would be nostalgia for mud:


More prosaically, an attraction to what is crude, depraved, or degrading.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

For what shall it profit Labour, to gain Kensington, and become a party of the white middle class for the white middle class, intending to govern in the interests of the white middle class?

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