What the UK Can Learn from Bombardier for its Post-Brexit Trade Remedies


UK Trade Forum

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) today upheld its preliminary findings in a trade dispute between US and Canadian aircraft manufacturers that has immediate implications for the UK as it works to establish a post-Brexit trade remedy regime.

In April 2017 The Boeing Company filed a petition with the DOC alleging that Bombardier, a Canadian aircraft manufacturer, was using subsidies to produce and sell aircraft at below market value, undercutting Boeing’s competitiveness. After six months of deliberation, the DOC today determined that Bombardier had taken advantage of unfair subsidies and sold its CSeries jets below cost, assessing countervailing duties of 219.63% for the former and an antidumping duty of 79.82% for the latter.

The UK government, which unsuccessfully attempted to convince the Trump Administration to hold off on the duties, has sided with Bombardier in an effort to protect 4,000+ Belfast-based workers employed in the manufacture of its aircraft wings…

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