Simon says on #BREXIT … #FBPE #FinalSay #StopBrexit #FinalSayForAll #StopBrexit2018 #VoteProRemain

We should have had more faith in the Poor Bloody Infantry …

I think some of us, myself included, were too patronising, too condescending, too quick to think Simon and similar folk would not appreciate and understand the connection between Auschwitz and the EU, if we took the trouble to discuss it with them.

I really ought to have known better

My little Grandad, my Mom’s dad, spent five years on an extended walking tour of Poland between 1940 and 1945, courtesy of the Wehrmacht.

My unassuming Grandad on his retirement went back to Poland and he too visited Auschwitz.

He also never blamed the German people for what he endured during his five years of captivity.

There is no such thing as an ordinary person

I think some of us lost sight of that during the Referendum Campaign.

We should have done the other thing and engaged in conversation, spoken with and listened to people about our shared past.

We should not have assumed the left behind, or whatever generic label the Commentariat has come up with this week for the lumpen proletariat, would not have similar feelings and thoughts as the rest of us.

I am proud of what my family and my party did in Second World War in the fight against fascism.

And I am sure so are an overwhelming majority of those who voted Leave.

I am also convinced many of those people, the people whose forebears bore the brunt of the fighting, would agree, “Never again!”

Ken assures me, said Corbyn Daleks have always been good friends of Thals …

4 thoughts on “Simon says on #BREXIT … #FBPE #FinalSay #StopBrexit #FinalSayForAll #StopBrexit2018 #VoteProRemain

  1. Christopher John Merron

    This is just what I have been bleating on about. How my generation were caught up in the recovery after WW2 and how the Schuman Declaration and the ECSC were the result which morphed into the EU. All the Brexit Bunch see is “Brussels rules us” which is a lie perpetrated by those who have no interest in the working man/woman or in European co-operation to maintain Peace and Human Rights.

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