A relaxed, an arrogant (a complacent?) @UKLabour expects any elections in 2018 to be a walkover for @JeremyCorbyn’s phantom New Model Army? #FBPE

A kinder, a gentler politics …
Cllr Bewick seems to have forgotten that Labour, under Blair, received 13,518,167 votes on 1st May 1997 when the registered electorate was smaller than it is today and was at the 2017 General Election.
The number registered in 1997 was 43.8 million and the number in 2017 was 46.8 million.
Clearly Diane Abbott and John McDonnell are not the only people in my party who have problems with maths and statistics!
Does time spent hailing Corbyn at one of his rallies, attending People’s Momentum SS meetings and/or Jew baiting count towards those few hours?
Rest easy, Labour’s phantom New Model Army, its slacktivists and clicktivists for Corbyn.
Clearly Labour expects no General Election in 2018 or else, they think they have got it in the bag, Cllr Bewick?
Full list of local elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018
Make Local Elections in 2018 a referendum on BREXIT!
And on Labour’s approach to LEXIT!
Go on, be a snowflake and make Cllr Tom Bewick’s day!


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