.@JeremyCorbyn may soon @UKLabour get the opportunity to address his own Anti-Semitism in his natural home, the House of Commons … #EnoughIsEnough

Jeremy Corbyn has been a Member of Parliament for nearly 35 years, not half his adult life, but half his life …
The House of Commons is his natural home.

I would welcome the opportunity to see him, like a stag at bay at the Despatch Box, refusing to give way to members from all sides of the House, asking him to honestly answer a simple, straightforward question,

“Do you accept the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign nation?
Yes or no?”

In front of a Parliamentary committee, the only answer Corbyn would give to that question was that he accepted Israel existed.

Elsewhere, at other times, he has felt that countries in Eastern Europe should not be allowed to join NATO or the EU, denying those countries the fundamental right of self determination.

Some days, Jeremy Corbyn cannot help, but come across as an old school Imperialist, racist and anti-Semite …

Rev Owen Jones, the Vicar of Bray, the lifetime beneficiary of the Parish of St Islington in the Fields, tries to get back in Corbyn’s good books, by offering him some thoughts for a generic sermon on the topic of anti-Semitism …

Owen, he knows it by heart, he has repeated it so often, it has lost all meaning …

It is a vacuous liturgy when voiced by Jeremy Corbyn.

There is no compassion, no empathy, in his voice.

He just drones through the motions.

Time, perhaps, for Jeremy Corbyn to heed the advice of one Oliver Cromwell, who in 1656 encouraged the Jews to return to these Isles?

“You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately …
Depart, I say; and let us have done with you.
In the name of God, go!”

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