Vincible Ignorance


David Paxton

Here we go again. The problem of antisemitism within Labour cannot be solved until its causes, depths and manifestations are properly acknowledged. Getting these properly acknowledged is the task of Sisyphus.

The writer David Collier has managed to get the boulder a little further up the hill with his voluminous report on the secret Facebook group called Palestine Live. We are 3 years into this Corbyn shambles and experience tells us that the boulder is probably due to roll straight back down again. We’re condemned to keep pushing it all the same.

Palestine Live was a river of filth. Innumerable and relentless comments and posts of extreme, and often violent, antisemitism. These included flat-out Nazism, links to David Duke, your standard conspiracy theories, holocaust denial, in short, the complete smorgasbord of Jew hatred. Seemingly, that wasn’t all there was but there was more than enough of that to make it…

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The burden of proof


Excel Pope

Last night, on Facebook, I shared a link to David Collier’s astonishing report on the appalling Antisemitism found on the ‘Palestine Live’ Facebook group.

The second reply I got was this:

colin 1

Colin isn’t a close friend of mine, but I’ve met him a dozen or so times and we’ve known each other on-line for the best part of twenty years. Over that period I’ve always found him to be intelligent, thoughtful, balanced and moderate. I’d say that, over many on-line debates, I’ve been on the same side as him far more often than not. He’s one of those people where, if you find yourself on the opposing side, you do a little mental check, to make sure you’ve actually understood the issue properly.

In short, I have a great deal of respect for Colin, which is why I found his reply so disappointing. I told him so:

colin 2

Colin replied just…

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