On @OwenJones84 and his “all out war” on anti-Semitism … #EnoughIsEnough


Owen Jones Byline

Large Blue Footballs

This is a quick compilation of posts on Owen Jones and his professed, strident opposition to antisemitism. As and when I get the time, I may do a longer post of my own.

Some pieces from The Gerasites in March 2016: here, here and here.

From October 2016, David Paxton’s piece on Jones’ twists and turns over Jackie Walker: “If he wants antisemitism confronted he needs to do some of the dirty work himself“.

A witty piece from Ben Pensant in July 2017: “What Owen really thinks about Jews is destined to remain a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma buried underneath a hysterical strop on Sky News.

From 2 April, Rob Francis’ assesses Jones’ recent declaration of “all out war” on antisemitism. His conclusion: “So far we have a declared “all out war” which is filled with caveats, exemptions, useful silences and distractions.

And my…

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