Does @JeremyCorbyn still feel @UKLabour there are positives to #BREXIT/#LEXIT? Part Twenty Three #FBPE #WATON #ABTV

Jeremy Corbyn talks a lot about how Labour in Government, under his leadership, would spend more money on the NHS and recruit new staff.

Will Jeremy Corbyn like King Aeëtes, in the story of Jason and the Argonauts, sow the teeth of the Blairites while praying to the god Benn, thus instantly producing an army of well trained, experienced medical staff to undertake his bidding?

And do not get me started on the need for battalions of home grown bricklayers to build Corbyn’s or Theresa May’s hundreds of thousands of new homes …

Will such artisans, highly experienced and proficient, and all in their mid 30s, materialise across the land as the clock strikes twelve midnight on the 29th March 2019?

Anyone would think the front benches of both Labour and the Conservatives had never heard of the demographic time bomb.

Labour under Blair and Brown knew all about it.





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