How do you tell a #Corbyn fan from Nadine Dorries #Labour? Dorries doesn’t support ‘free’ university tuition at the expense of rising child poverty … #FBPE #WATON #ABTV


Jeremy Corbyn has said that Labour in Government will not be able to afford to end the benefits freeze and benefit cap that Nadine Dorries supports.

Corbyn has pledged that a Labour Government that he leads will, on its first day in office, spend at least £10 billion to enact universal ‘free’ university tuition for mostly white, mostly middle and upper class youth.The basic weekly rate of Income Support for a lone parent, aged 25 and over, has been frozen at £73.10 per week since April 2015 …

That means, despite food prices rising 4% in 2017, that the basic weekly rate today remains at £73.10 per week.

Child poverty would rise under a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Government.

Len McCluskey drank champagne at a victory party with Jeremy Corbyn’s right hand man, Seumas Milne, to celebrate his retaining the General Secretaryship of Unite.

The party had barely got started and McCluskey and his chums had already drunk over twenty bottles of champagne.

The cheapest bottle of champagne at Len’s victory party was £51.00.

£73.10 would not have bought McCluskey two bottles of champers.




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