.#Labour’s sorry to hear you’re losing your jobs! Jeremy #Corbyn says it’s the Will of the People! Merry Jobs First #BREXIT/#LEXIT in 2019! @JeremyCorbyn & @UKLabour feel your pain … #PeoplesVote

Tracey Ullman had them down pat.
I can just visualise the clenched fist salute, “The Workers!”

I bet we will not see Jezziah, posing for yet another cynical photo opportunity, whilst chatting to Jaguar workers about the Will of the People and his Jobs First BREXIT/LEXIT.

We have heard a lot from the Cult of Corbyn about the Blessed Tony Benn, but he would have done, he did do, way better than this when he was Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

He would have Tweeted something more than cliché to stop Greg Clark dead in his tracks.

Tony Benn would have been up all night, assembling the information for when the next day he put down an Urgent Question to demand that Rt Hon Greg Clark, MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy come to the House of Commons to explain how his Government were planning to respond to job losses, like those at Jaguar.

Actions have consequences and if they back BREXIT, they should have called long ago for the Government to activate measures to help minimise the socio-economic consequences of BREXIT.

But, instead, they have preferred to passionately debate abstract concepts like the Will of the People.  Anything, but accept that Project Fear is now Project Reality for 5,000 fellow citizens.

They are placing burdens on the narrowest shoulders.

They are putting burdens on the People.

Corbyn and Rees-Mogg are not Children of the People.

They were not brought up amongst them.

They do not know their trials.

And yet they plan to add, immeasurably, to the anxieties which they expect the People and their Children to bear, uncomplaining, with patience and fortitude.

Many cupboards will be barer than today.

The lot of many will be harder than today.

But rest assured, People, all will be well, bright and cheery chez Corbyn, atop McCluskey Towers and at Rees-Mogg Hall this Christmas and at Christmastides yet to come!

They will not share the BREXIT/LEXIT burdens of the People.

For the likes of Corbyn, McCluskey and Rees-Mogg, unemployment and poverty are things that happen to other people.

The Will of the People will not put food on the Table of the People or console the 5,000 Jaguar workers (and how many other poor souls?), now spending Christmas worrying about the prospect of being out of work, early in the New Year.

In 2019, the Year of Unity and getting on with BREXIT/LEXIT!

Happy New Year!

A gurn, a sickly grin and a meaningless slogan …
Jeremy Corbyn’s political career in a single sentence.

With due apologies to David Lloyd George for a little plagiarism and adaptation.

I am sure you would not DLG disapprove of a relative, in spirit, if not blood, taking such liberties at a time such as this?


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