The Clown Prince of Communism, Aaron Bastani of Jeremy #Corbyn’s #Labour WhatsApp Group …

Here we see three members of Seumas Milne’s WhatsApp Group, from left to right, Grace Blakeley, Aaron Bastani and Matt Zarb-Cousins, and a wannabe member, Owen Jones, on a boozy Novara Media works outing …
George Aylett is driving.


  Waiting for Godot

Does it matter whether Milo Yiannopoulos’ promotion of far right ideas was, as he claimed, just to discombobulate the grandparents?  It won’t have mattered to those who found themselves facing the sharp edge of modern fascism: the terrorism, the racism, the removal of agency from women.  And it didn’t seem to matter to those, like Robert Mercer, who funded him.  But it did matter to Yiannopoulos.  A coquettish flirtation enabled him to avoid the scrutiny that a full blown declaration would require.

We’re right to ask these questions of those who seek seismic change from the right – questions about their true motivations and about who funds them and about who benefits from an ‘ironic when convenient’ stance.  We rightly ask them of institutions like Policy Exchange and the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance and the so-called Institute for Economic Affairs.

But we’re also right to ask them of those who

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