Why does anyone still take @LisaNandy seriously on #BREXIT/#LEXIT? She ‘lost’ the English Midlands in March 2017 to justify her explanation of why folk voted #Leave in June 2016 …


Lisa Nandy MP delivered this key note speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research on 9th March 2017.

The only city or metropolitan area in the English Midlands to vote Remain, overall, was Leicester.

And that only narrowly.

Birmingham, the largest local authority in the UK, narrowly voted Leave.

Leave may well have got across the line in Birmingham, because some people were told and believed that the end of Freedom of Movement would mean a lifting of restrictions on immigration from the Indian Sub Continent.

Yet, according to Ms Nandy, “Despite their many differences, cities across Britain voted resoundingly to Remain.”

As I say, why does anyone take the MP for Wigan seriously on a matter as important as BREXIT?

She could not even discern which way areas of the United Kingdom voted in June 2016 when preparing to deliver a keynote speech in March 2017!


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