False Dawn for Keir Starmer’s Labour …


The Starmerites are crowing, as I type, over the results of a major poll, giving them the hope that they might, if there were a General Election tomorrow, deny the Conservatives an overall majority.

Alas, for them, they do not appear to have read the small print.

The poll was completed on 29th December 2020.

That evening Keir Starmer told the Guardian that any Labour Government he led would not seek to make major changes to the trade deal negotiated by Boris Johnson.

Labour would not seek to rejoin the Single Market and/or Customs Union on Keir Starmer’s watch.

On 30th December 2020, Keir Starmer took Labour MPs through the Aye Lobby to endorse Boris Johnson’s Hard Brexit Deal.

During 2021, Keir Starmer has said his primary focus will be jobs and “how we support good businesses and good jobs … I don’t just mean pay, I mean dignity in jobs – and how we support the economy across the different regions and nations”, but with no reference to the Brexit that is causing companies to shed workers and lose contracts; businesses to fold; homes to be repossessed; lives to be put in jeopardy …

Moreover, Keir Starmer on the advice of Claire Ainsley, his Head of Policy and Claire Fox fellow traveller, intends to double down on the pursuit of a new Brexit unicorn, the Gammon elector who will be tempted to vote Labour by an economically liberal, but socially conservative policy pitch.

Gammon who are mostly middle and working class white men with persecution complexes.

The next General Election is scheduled to take place on Thursday 2nd May 2024.


2 thoughts on “False Dawn for Keir Starmer’s Labour …

  1. Simon

    It’s funny – the only people on that thread that appear to have got the date wrong are non-labour not reading the small print properly, and thinking that the poll took place over a year ago?


    • If Starmerites were reading the poll right then they would not be so excited by it, but then I guess many of them are continuing to delude themselves into believing Starmer’s yes, but support of Johson’s Brexit deal, his ‘clever’ barrister’s wheeze, prevents them from being tarred with the same brush as the Tories as the Brexit ordure piles rises ever higher.

      “Labour is now attempting to pull off a trick that even the great Harry Houdini would have struggled with: voting for the rotten Tory deal while claiming it has nothing to do with us, guv. The public will simply not buy this and will blame Labour too for its shortcomings. The leader of the opposition should remember that the clue is in his title: Keir Starmer isn’t there to facilitate Tory misrule. And if he doesn’t give the lead, Labour MPs must break the whip and vote against the deal.”

      Manuel Cortes, General Secretary of the TSSA, a trade union for workers in the transport and travel trade industries.


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