Why Keir Starmer will look visibly unbalanced, again, flying the flag over faith and family …


I would hazard a guess that Keir Starmer is not in communion with the Church of England.

I believe that when Blue Labour speaks of faith and family then they mean that the family that attends a church service now and then, may be stays together or some such similar nonsense. I really do not see Paul Embery as an old maid, bicycling to Holy Communion through the morning mist.

Starmer married Victoria Alexander in 2007. The couple’s son and daughter are being brought up in the Jewish faith of their mother and the family attend Shabbat dinners.

I personally, admittedly speaking as an agnostic, do not regard ticking the CoE box on forms and only attending church for christenings/baptisms, weddings and funerals as signs of a deep and abiding faith.

2011 Census for England and Wales by Religion Warnings and Notes

Were Starmer to become a regular Church of England churchgoer, assuming, admittedly, that he is not already one, to emphasise the faith aspect of his policy agenda then, presumably, he would be going to church alone, without his wife and their two children.

There are good reasons why Alistair Campbell said, “We don’t do God.”

You open yourself to routine charges of hypocrisy, where the tenets of your faith and personal behaviour do not align, and a charge of partiality, by favouring one religion over all others.

Oh, and whilst the Church of England used to be known as the Conservative Party at prayer, today, it is more like the Liberal Democrats at prayer.

Notwithstanding that, I am not sure they are likely to prove to be an especially welcoming congregation for Starmer or many of his current policies.


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