What if it’s a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?


I think talking about Climate Change is unhelpful, seriously, bear with me, particularly because the climate of the Earth has changed any number of times, sometimes dramatically since the planet was formed over four and a half billion years ago.

By the time people are convinced it is happening and the recent floods, for example, are a trend not just weather then it will be too late.

The measures for tackling Man Made Global Warming (see what I did there?) are free standing.

They are worth doing, even if there was no overwhelming evidence that MMGW is occurring.

They will result in lower fuel bills, more jobs, less pollution and increased energy security.

The activists of mainstream political parties may sell those benefits to voters on the doorstep (whilst, sotto voce, promoting measures to tackle the causes of MMGW)!

As a civil servant in Birmingham, I sat in meetings with hard faced men and women of business just salivating at the prospect of the money to be made from the Green Industrial Revolution that goes well beyond tackling MMGW.

I, myself, saw oodles of jobs of all skill levels, especially for the differently able.

Personally, I do not believe MMGW is happening.

I do, however, accept the overwhelming evidence that it is occurring. I am very familiar with the nitpicking of the evidence by the likes of Piers Corbyn. However, I know, based on my understanding of the limitations of scientific analysis in this field that, despite the nits, the sum of the evidence is greater than the whole.

Unfortunately, the debate has become a lot about belief or denial. Moreover, although around 97% of the scientific community accept the evidence for MMGW, when the matter is dealt with in the media then the 3% and the 97% get equal time to make their case before we take into account the bias of the media with regards to the issue.

Consequently, the average voter is, more likely than not, to think the two arguments are finely balanced. And that is before we discuss how the 97% regard the likely results of MMGW. I gather not all think it necessarily a bad thing and, of those who do not, there is no real consensus as to how to address the causes of MMGW.

What then are we to do?

I really do think if we stop talking about MMGW and start talking about the features and benefits of the measures that will address MMGW then we will cut through the confusion resulting out of the Climate Change debate.

Put simply in the United Kingdom:

  • Promoting energy efficiency and reducing energy usage cuts energy bills for individuals and businesses whilst also creating jobs
  • Investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy increases energy security, leaving us less at the mercy of Johnny Foreigner, whether Canadian or Saudi Arabian, as we reduce energy imports and doing so will create jobs
  • Investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy will create a home market for companies linked to the industrial sector and create the capacity so that they may export renewable energy and energy efficiency knowledge, semi-manufactured and manufactured products, whilst creating jobs
  • Investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy may well allow us to export energy to Europe thereby improving our balance of payments
  • And investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency will help reduce pollution.

Why would anyone not want to see policies implemented that will cut their energy bills; increase the UK’s energy security; create businesses, jobs and exports and generate tax revenue thereby; reduce pollution and, sotto voce, help to slow MMGW?

Ramping up energy efficiency, including a massive investment in the insulation of domestic and commercial properties, should be at the heart of the UK’s energy, environmental and housing policies.

The features and benefits of measures to tackle MMGW are worth doing, even if MMGW was not occurring.


18 thoughts on “What if it’s a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?

    • Belief is, by definition, irrational.

      Accepting the weight of the evidence, that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, for its occurrence is a rational act.


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