Boris Johnson on the by election campaign trail in North Shropshire Part Two …

Oven Ready Brexit Deal

“Mr Johnson, Shropshire Star, what do you say to farmers around here who’re short of people to pick their crops?”

“You came here today to talk about the rural economy not Brexit and pose for photographs dressed like a gentleman farmer?”

“Only kidding, Mr Johnson, but I never mentioned Brexit.”

“Priti Patel says we need to grow our own domestic work force and we know you’re good at propagation. How many kids is it, now, six or seven, Mr Johnson?”

“But it takes nine months and eighteen years to bring a human bred in the fertile soil of Britain to the labour market. What do employers do in the mean time, Mr Johnson?”

“Is that your old fridge from the 2019 General Election?”

“I bet you wish it was a TARDIS …”

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