There is no Starmerism, but there is Nandyism …


Team Starmer and Labour have yet to display any sympathy towards workers losing their jobs to plants in the Single Market.

People lacking in empathy may present as self centred and even be so.

Of course, the blanking out of job losses and business failures caused, even if only in part by Hard Brexit may be a result of cognitive dissonance.

The evidence of socio-economic damage caused by Hard Brexit runs counter to Team Starmer’s belief, shared with Jacob Rees-Mogg, that there are untold Brexit opportunities in them thar sunlit uplands of Micawber County.

Claire Ainsley, Starmer’s chief policy adviser, whom he appointed on becoming Labour leader has been of that opinion since at least November 2016.

Starmer is ever more parroting her lines of late.

Team Starmer has no background in business so I hope that is why they are not pledging Labour in Government to scrap unnecessary, unwanted, onerous, costly burdens (or Hard Brexit opportunities if you prefer) on British and foreign businesses like BREACH and UKCA.

Heaven help us if they will not to keep the elderly folk of Leigh on side.

Incidentally, the UK economy imports goods and services to produce goods and service for home consumption as well as invisible and visible export.

UK tourism is a major invisible export.

Complex problems almost always require complex solutions, requiring deep thought and hard work to formulate and then deliver.

They do not fit into three word slogans, although, “Peace! Land! Bread!” was quite catchy once upon a time.

If Team Starmer is trying to get into the heads of anyone then it is that bunch of mostly white old folk, many Leave voting, some racist in a café in Leigh.

Will someone, please, take Lisa Nandy to one side and explain to her, with diagrams if necessary, that Wigan is not the centre of the universe nor Britain’s take on Peoria?

The Red Wall First strategy is not for business or the workers, but pensioners, white pensioners in Grim Oop North Land; seemingly a cross between a working class theme park and Coronation Street episodes of the 1960s.

On Planet Nandy, would it always be …

A dreary, blustery, damp Sunday afternoon in February 1952 and the wireless is broken.

A time between the optimism of the Festival of Britain and the youthful vigour of Bill Hailey and the Comets.

The future not a boot stamping on a human face, forever, but Tony Hancock’s Sunday Afternoon at Home on a loop without the wry observational humour and Hattie Jacques, Sid James, Bill Kerr and Kenneth Williams?

Roll on the Lady Chatterley’s Lover trial and the Beatles.

Nandyism, there is no Starmerism, has been long in the fermenting.

I first came across Nandy’s affection for all things working class when she appeared in a documentary bemoaning the decline of (White) Working Men’s Clubs. Never seems to have occurred to her how uninviting such places might be to anyone who was not white and male and into heavy drinking.

A Pete and Dud duo, who also featured in the programme, were baffled by the demands of the women. They now served behind the bar and there were ladys’ nights. What more did they want?

More recently and on two separate occasions, Nandy has said there is a wealth of mining experience in her constituency.

They started mining for coal in Wigan in around 1750 and the last pit closed in 1992.

How would 50 year old ex miners keep their skills up to date? By digging under their own homes and gardens?

Bear that in mind, when next Gove’s Shadow starts talking about skills.

To be fair to Nandy, Nick Thomas-Symonds (Oxford), Labour’s International Trade Secretary thinks his Da having been a steel worker gives him an insight into both mekkin’ and exporting steel. He is ably supported, says Thomas-Symonds, in that delusion by one Stephen Kinnock (Cambridge), the apple that fell from the tree far out over the orchard wall, the grandson of a coal miner.

Thomas Paine once said that there was no such thing as a hereditary mathematician.

Nandy has been brewing up her version of Blue Labour for a good few years now.

Only it does not seem to travel well.

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