Why is Sir Keir Starmer QC a moral coward and a lousy electoral politician for not putting down a motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson? He’s no heir of Major Clement Attlee that’s for sure …


Mogadon Man

“Sir Keir Starmer has all but withdrawn his previous calls for Boris Johnson to resign as he said the country needs “unity” in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Now is not the time to call for PM to quit – Starmer

Putting down a Vote of No Confidence in Boris Johnson’s Leadership

Sir Keir Starmer QC does what he does best, arguably all of which he is capable, and takes Boris Johnson to pieces at the Despatch Box.

Johnson has to sit for hours and endure a debate about himself and his character.

Many Tory MPs have to squirm to give Johnson vocal support, even those who have come to hate him.

Fabricant and Dorries make themselves look prats, again.

The Tory whips use up more of their power to intimidate recalcitrant backbenchers, threatening and pleading with them to sit throughout the debate and vote for Johnson.

Tory MPs known to have submitted letters to the backbench 1922 Committee, calling for a vote on the fitness of Johnson to lead their party would be taunted by Opposition MPs to speak in support of Johnson in the debate.

All of this would take place before the world’s media and attract way more interest amongst voters than any performance of Starmer’s at PMQs.

But Starmer would lose the vote cry Starmerites who frequently whine about Labour not getting enough media coverage.

Attlee and Morrison did not expect to win the division during the Norway Debate in May 1940 when Chamberlain had a bigger majority in the House of Commons (242 seats) than Johnson has today (81 seats) and we were actually at war.

They knew they were putting down a marker.

“In view of the gravity of the events which we are debating, that the House has a duty and that every Member has a responsibility to record his particular judgment upon them, we feel we must divide the House at the end of our Debate to-day.”

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing …”

If you do not think Sir Keir Starmer QC would win the argument in the light of the world’s media and screw Tory MPs to the sticking place, even those who have come to despise Johnson then maybe it is about time Starmer resigned in favour of, say, Yvette Cooper?

One has to question the future of a leader of the Labour Party who is a moral coward, who knows sod all about electoral politics and is in thrall to a bunch of white, mostly elderly, many Leave voting, some racist folk in a Leigh café.

Incidentally, no one ever dared to say to Major Clement Attlee, the second to last man off the beaches at Gallipoli, that he was any sort of coward.

Aneurin Bevan did not join the wartime coalition Government. He remained on the Opposition benches and sometimes even criticised the Government not for continuing to fight the war, but for the manner in which they were going about it.

He reminded people of that for which they were fighting, suffering and dying, a functioning democracy even in a time of war. Something we have seen in Ukraine where Parliamentarians have met under the threat of death from Putin’s thugs to carry out their democratic duties.

Sir Keir Starmer QC’s instinct at the first whiff of grapeshot is to beat a sensible retreat when past Labour leaders would have marched towards the sound of the guns.

Someone once said that wars are not won by evacuations.

Sooner or later Sir Keir you have to turn and fight.

Better to do it on a ground of your own choosing than on a field of battle that favours Johnson.

“Lord Patrick Cormack, who had been an MP for 40 years before joining the Lords, said the setting up of a national government should be considered given the huge significance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“I think the time is coming when we should think of a national government,” he told ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston, as he praised Mr Starmer’s response to the Ukrainian president’s address.”

ITV News Politics, Tuesday 8th March 2022


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