Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose … #LabourLosingWomen


“Discrimination knows no party boundaries. A former chair of my local Ward Party berated female members about their not campaigning on issues like the equalisation of the pension age.

A little while later, he nearly had apoplexy when the party put on women only learning and development sessions to help them with campaigning and seeking election. The sessions were, understandably, on Saturday mornings and on site crèche facilities were provided.

He had, like I had, received through our work the sort of training needed to turn raw talent into campaigners and candidates. I got the impression he failed to grasp that.”

Another sorry chapter in the history of institutional misogyny within Labour?

That chap was very much Old Labour in the 1990s.

Today in 2022:

“It is perhaps stating the “bleeding obvious”, but Starmer needs to clean up Labour’s act on women’s rights. A leader who, at his own party conference, struggled to state clearly what a woman actually was, is now not trusted by a growing segment of Britain’s women, particularly those who are politically active. And, while Labour continues to support the politically-suicidal policy of trans self-id, that group will continue to grow.

If you are one of Labour’s many members and supporters who still firmly believe “this never comes up on the doorstep”, or “it’s not important, it will never swing anyone’s votes”, let me tell you two things.

First, you are probably a man. Women understandably find it hard to duck this one.

Second, please wake up: you are underestimating the potential of this single issue to provide a razor-sharp dividing line between Labour and Conservatives come the election (if it is not, why are almost all the Tory leadership candidates coming out against self-id, including Penny Mordaunt, so desperate to row back from her previous support that she outright lied about it?)”

The real work for Keir Starmer starts here

Reforming or weakening, depending on your perspective, the Gender Recognition Act 2004 is only popular with Labour Party members and 18 to 24 year olds.

It is not a wedge issue, but a Tory General Election steamroller.

Odds on, the next leader of the Tory Party will say no woman has got a penis whilst the current leader of the Labour Party is giving the impression he thinks some men have got vaginas.

How does that credibly advance the cause of trans-rights and improve Labour’s chances of winning a General Election?

If transwomen were women they would not need discreet rights and services.

They would just need to campaign for enhanced rights and services for women.

That is patently absurd.

Transwomen clearly do need discreet rights and services for which they needs must identify as transwomen.

Labour is brave enough, it seems, to advocate GRA reform that is unpopular with almost every group of voters, but will not advocate electoral reform, deals with other parties and softening Hard Brexit to “build a coalition of voters to win an election” as Rachel Reeves says is necessary, because those policies would make Labour unpopular with some (Tory?) voters.

Labour currently seems to be doing its level best to give the finger to every group from which it needs to draw voters to build that necessary coalition.

By the way, 51% of the electorate are women.

I gather the concerns that many women have over self-id are not a big issue for Tory Party members.

I wrote this passage a while ago about Team Corbyn.

To be fair to Team Starmer, there are many more women amongst their number than were in the ranks of Team Corbyn.

Many of the women in Team Starmer are middle class, some of whom say Labour needs to (re?)connect with socially conservative voters to win a General Election …

“The vast majority of those with a stake in formalising trans rights for transwomen want a solution that establishes those rights without subtracting from or trampling on the hard won rights of women.”

Smouldering skip fire of misogyny and the intolerance of extremist activists

As I see it, only a tiny, tiny minority of transwomen want to dismiss the legitimate concerns of women.

A minority of blokey blokes within a minority group think the world should revolve around them and that they should be free to trample over hard won women’s rights.

The fact that group of blokes does not empathise with those concerns rather suggests they have not transited much, if at all, because if they had they would not surely be so dismissive?

That at heart, they remain blokes?

Is it too much to ask that the leader of the Labour Party advocates seeking a solution that satisfies the vast majority of those with a stake in this matter rather than speaking up for a vociferous, intransigent minority within the trans community?

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