@peoplesmomentum using #GE2017 to raise funds, but not for #Labour! Donate to your own CLP, please! Ta!


Peoples Momentum are clearly using the 2017 General Election to raise funds for their campaigning in the Labour leadership election that will follow Corbyn’s resignation.

Please, if you are able, donate, time, especially time, and money, to your own Constituency Labour Party and not Momentum.

The contact details for your CLP are on your Labour Party membership card.

If you are not a member, but want to help out Labour in your area then go to this website and put in your postcode to find your local Labour team.

Thank you!

Boris Johnson is less accurate than a stopped clock #Corbyn, but sometimes #Labour, just sometimes …


Boris Johnson is less accurate than a stopped clock Corbyn, but sometimes Labour …

I agree with the thrust of Johnson’s comment there.  I would, though, point out to him that catering to sloth and a culture of easy gratification underpin major UK industry sectors and, as a consequence, many jobs, particularly in London.

And, as we have learnt since his appointment as Foreign Secretary, Johnson embodies much of what he critiqued back in May 2013.