Sorry Mr Milne, Mr Putin’s very busy undertaking Mr Trump’s performance review right now. Is it important? It’s about #BREXIT/#LEXIT and you’re ringing on behalf of a Mr #Corbyn, leader of the #Labour Party? #FBPE #RJCOB #PCPEU

Sorry Mr Milne, Mr Putin’s very busy undertaking Mr Trump’s performance review right now.
Is it important?

It’s about BREXIT and you’re ringing on behalf of a Mr Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party?


Sorry, just joking …

I’ll put a Post It note on Mr Putin’s desk.

Oh, does Mr Putin have your number?


#Labour has become more exclusive, more middle class orientated and more London centred since #Corbyn became leader … #FBPE #RJCOB #PCPEU

Labour’s policies have become better and the party more inclusive under Jeremy Corbyn?

Labour’s membership was 70% ABC1 under Miliband.

It is now 77% under Corbyn.

The membership of the party is becoming concentrated in London and the South East.

It is mostly white, middle aged, middle class and male.

And “London’s values are Labour’s values”, according to Corbyn.

Most of the hard edged policies in Labour’s Manifesto, if enacted would see the middle class welfare state increase by 10s of billions of pounds whilst child poverty, rising under the Conservatives, would rise even higher, not incidentally or accidentally, but as a result of deliberate policy choices by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

John McDonnell promised that anyone with an income of £80,000 or less per year, 95% of the total measured by income, would not see any increase in Income Tax or National Insurance for five years, paving the way for stealth tax rebates.

For example, Labour’s plan to enact Universal Free School Meals combined with the Income Tax and NI pledge amounts to a stealth tax rebate of £437.00 per eligible child per academic year.

Those currently ineligible to receive free school meals and who have an income of less than £80,000 per annum would have an extra £437.00 per year to spend on their offspring.

Those currently eligible to receive free school meals would have an extra £0.00 to spend on their offspring.

The more parents have to spend on their children between 0 and 5 the better the life chances of their offspring.

Labour’s UFSM policy amounts to a transfer of income and opportunity away from the poorest in our society to those capable of paying for the school lunches of their own children.

Labour plans to pay for UFSM by leving VAT on private school fees.  In order for such a tax to raise a significant amount of revenue it must only deter a few people from sending their children to private school.

The Diane Abbott of today is supporting a policy that would have made it harder for the Diane Abbott of yesterday to send her son to private school.

Abbott famously criticised others for sending their children to private schools and then played the race and gender card to justify her hypocrisy when she was found out to be doing the same.

Abbott sits in a Shadow Cabinet with Shami Chakrabarti, a passionate campaigner against grammar schools, who has sent her son, on failing to get him into Eton, to Dulwich College, the alma mater of none other than Nigel Farage.

We have middle class members of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet supporting measures that would give the children of the better off free school meals whilst making it harder for the other ranks to access grammar and private education thereby making those institutions even more the preserve of the middle class than they already are.

The newly minted Member of Parliament for Canterbury also campaigned vociferously against grammar schools before her election and before it was discovered she had been ‘forced’ to send both of her sons to a grammar school that holds its carol concerts in Canterbury Cathedral.

A more inclusive Labour Party would de looking to weaken the grip of the middle class on access to higher education not strengthen it, would it not?

A pound spent on Sure Start yields a greater socio-economic return than the same pound spent on universal ‘free’ university tuition, but Labour plans to spend £10 billion plus on the latter and at most only an extra £500 million on the former.

Labour under Blair and Brown pledged to end child poverty by 2020.

Labour under Corbyn in 2018 no longer has a child poverty reduction target.

One reason why some middle class (and even some working class) Corbyn supporters hate Blair and Brown so much is that they feel they were not sufficiently rewarded for voting Labour in 1997.

They have never forgiven Labour under Blair and Brown for going into a General Election on a platform of improving the condition of the working class, winning on that platform and then going on to deliver the policies on which they had campaigned.

In 2017 Labour under Corbyn adopted the election strategy of the SNP and went into the General Election on a platform of improving the condition of the middle class and lost.

The middle class in Great Britain is a smaller proportion of the electorate than the middle class in Scotland.

May be next time Corbyn should hire some people that know what they are about rather than appointing relatives, friends or ideological travellers to key Labour Party positions?

Most of the major players in Team Corbyn (which is not most of the Shadow Cabinet) happen to be white; male; middle or upper class; grammar, private or public school educated and quite often graduates of Oxbridge.

How did Corbyn ever get his reputation for being a champion for equal opportunities?

Team Corbyn lost after making an unashamed pitch for the middle class vote by pledging universal ‘free’ university tuition, free universal childcare, free universal school meals, a write off of (some) student debt, cheaper rail fares and so on.

My family were tribal Labour voters until Corbyn’s election as Labour leader and we remain members of the aspirational working class.

My father, for example, was a shop steward for decades, not an official like Corbyn, but like Corbyn he was for four years a Councillor and school governor.

We no longer regard Labour as an inclusive party.  We see it as one that wants our votes, that actually expects our votes, because Corbyn, an uncultured, unread, intellectually challenged, middle class white male thinks he knows what is best for us and people like us.

The only thing that Danny Dyer did wrong during his Brexit tirade was to not address his second use of a derogatory word for a female body part directly to Corbyn, who as much as anything else is leading Labour, because he appeals to the exclusive group that makes up the bulk of the party’s membership.

Jeremy Corbyn is not leading the Labour Party, because he is a talented, hard working, insightful leader and skilled orator, who has done much for society in his long, well paid political career.

Corbyn is leading the Labour Party, because he is a rather unremarkable, awfully mediocre male, who was born into an affluent, white middle class family in 1949 and who appeals to people from a similar background.

The wider electorate when asked who they would prefer to be Prime Minister routinely puts Don’t Know a good few percentage points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn.

I look forward to a Labour Party Conference that will see that gap widen further as Don’t Know starts to breathe down the neck of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn becomes ever more miserable and baffled …

Corbyn has enjoyed for most of his adult life the prerogative of the harlot down through the ages, power without responsibility.

He has criticised, derided and sneered at the work of others (and that includes Labour’s sister parties in Europe and their commitment to the EU) and questioned the motivation behind their labours.

The boot is now firmly on the other foot.

And his fan club, so used to sharing his predilections seem unaware that the terms of trade have turned and not in his or their favour.

Power with responsibility is a heavy burden.

And a man who has dodged bearing that load, with some skill and dexterity for most of his adult life, is ill equipped, too intellectually disinclined (to be generous), inherently too undisciplined, lazy and mentally heavy on his feet to take up the challenge of being Prime Minster in his 72nd year.

And Emily Thornberry, his likely successor is intimidated by “very cultured, well-read people – you know, intellectuals” and felt out of place at a secondary modern.

Naturally, Thornberry sent her children to private school as did Ken Loach and Seumas Milne, the Old Wykehamist.

God help the Labour Party, because on current form it is incapable of helping itself let alone deal with the challenges of Brexit/Lexit!

Jeremy #Corbyn’s #Labour pledges Capitalism for the Poor, Socialism for the Rich … #FBPE #RJCOB #PCPEU

I am tired of reading lines like this:
“Corbyn will be destroyed, along with all the good he has done in reconnecting with people and with better policies.”

There was no youth quake and, despite hugging a Grenfell Tower victim, Jeremy Corbyn has said that Labour in Government under his leadership will not be able to afford to end two major Conservative austerity policies, the benefits freeze and the benefit cap, that hit the poorest hardest.

Corbyn has also said he will make that other pet project of IDS, Universal Credit work.  Whether they are both vain, arrogant men or just dim there is no way Universal Credit may now be made to work.

The experts advised the last Labour Government that a Universal Credit was a project too fraught with risk to be worth pursuing.  Sounds a bit like the Brexit beloved of IDS and the Lexit beloved of Corbyn.

But who needs experts?  Corbyn seems to be as dismissive of them as Gove.

Jeremy Corbyn’s principled Labour has rejected parts of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-semitism.  A definition which is now widely accepted as the most useful definition and has been adopted by the government, the Crown Prosecution Service, many local councils and many other countries.

But instead of adopting the definition as agreed by all these bodies, Labour has excised the parts which relate to Israel and how criticism of Israel can be anti-semitic.

I keep hearing about how people like everything about Jeremy Corbyn, but not his stance on Brexit/Lexit.  What some Corbyn supporters seem to fail to grasp is that their idol regularly fails to live up to his rhetoric.

Labour’s recent General Election Manifesto would have kept £7 billion of the £9 billion of Tory Social Security cuts for which Jacob Rees-Mogg cheerfully voted and over which IDS resigned.

Had Kinnock or Smith or Blair or Brown or Miliband gone into a General Election not committed to ending the benefits freeze and scrapping the benefits cap then Corbyn and many of his supporters would have been all over them like a rash.

And rightly so …

The only pledge Jeremy Corbyn definitely plans to honour is finding £10 billion plus to fund universal ‘free’ university tuition for mostly white, mostly middle and upper class youth.

A pledge he will honour on Labour’s first day in office.

The basic weekly rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance, for someone aged 25 and over, has been frozen at £73.10 since April 2015.  It will stay frozen, indefinitely, under a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

A kinder, a gentler politics?

Not when people losing their jobs, courtesy of the Lexit for which Jeremy Corbyn campaigned for forty years, will be paid a benefit whose value has fallen since April 2015 and when mostly middle and upper class youth receive the equivalent of £70,000 per head, courtesy of universal ‘free’ university tuition.

Capitalism for the poor.

Socialism for the rich.

Under the most Socialist Labour leader, ever …

Is Jeremy #Corbyn now routinely channelling Peter Sellers playing Chance the Gardener in Being There #Labour? Part Two #FBPE #WATON #ABTV

This week of all weeks, Jeremy Corbyn used all six of his questions at PMQs to ask the Prime Minister about bus regulation …
Jeremy Corbyn had a chance to make Theresa May sweat ahead of a bruising Cabinet away day this Friday …

SKZ Cartoons

Yes, Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Cabinet are ready to provide the same sort of strong and stable government we have become used to getting from Theresa May and her Cabinet …
No, Jeremy, Labour is in crisis …




How do you tell a #Corbyn fan from Nadine Dorries #Labour? Dorries doesn’t support ‘free’ university tuition at the expense of rising child poverty … #FBPE #WATON #ABTV


Jeremy Corbyn has said that Labour in Government will not be able to afford to end the benefits freeze and benefit cap that Nadine Dorries supports.

Corbyn has pledged that a Labour Government that he leads will, on its first day in office, spend at least £10 billion to enact universal ‘free’ university tuition for mostly white, mostly middle and upper class youth.The basic weekly rate of Income Support for a lone parent, aged 25 and over, has been frozen at £73.10 per week since April 2015 …

That means, despite food prices rising 4% in 2017, that the basic weekly rate today remains at £73.10 per week.

Child poverty would rise under a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Government.

Len McCluskey drank champagne at a victory party with Jeremy Corbyn’s right hand man, Seumas Milne, to celebrate his retaining the General Secretaryship of Unite.

The party had barely got started and McCluskey and his chums had already drunk over twenty bottles of champagne.

The cheapest bottle of champagne at Len’s victory party was £51.00.

£73.10 would not have bought McCluskey two bottles of champers.



The functionally innumerate outnumber the functionally illiterate in UK society, even more are incapable of understanding statistics, eh #BREXIT/#LEXIT & #Corbyn fans? #FBPE #WATON #ABTV

Some Unite members are up in arms about not being polled for this survey.  How many more were incensed by not being asked by Len McCluskey if they wanted their membership dues to be used to part pay for the farce that was Labour Live?

YouGov’s survey of a representative sample of almost 1,000 members of Unite, Britain’s biggest trade union, was conducted in the last week for the People’s Vote campaign and comes ahead of Unite’s policy conference in Brighton this coming week where grassroots branches have submitted no less than 13 pages of motions on Brexit.

“One motion, submitted by West Midlands car workers to the conference, states:

“Only now have voters started to see through the initial referendum campaigns and truly understand the implications and costs of leaving the EU.  The final negotiations of UK Brexit terms cannot be left for parliament alone to agree upon because the facts presented to the voting public have changed so much since the referendum vote.  The British electorate must ultimately have the final say.” “

Poll of Unite union members piles pressure on Corbyn

Two of the four draft “composite” motions prepared for the debate on the conference floor support a People’s Vote while a third supports continued UK membership of the Single Market.

The poll’s findings provide clear evidence that workers are turning decisively against the bad Brexit deal emerging from political machinations in Westminster and botched negotiations in Brussels.  In recent weeks five major unions – the TSSA, RCM, RCN, Prospect and the BMA – have come out in favour of a People’s Vote while the GMB and Unison, respectively the third and second biggest, have toughened their stances and backed Single Market membership.

Key findings of the poll show that Unite members:

Support a People’s vote on the final Brexit deal by a margin of 57 to 34 per cent (even 24 per cent of those who voted Leave agree with this demand).

Prefer prioritising free trade with the EU to limiting immigration by a margin of more than two to one – 61 to 30 per cent.

Believe Britain will be worse off outside the Single Market by a margin of 58 to 21 per cent.

Think that they and their family will suffer if Britain leaves the Single Market – with just 14 per cent believing they be better off.

Say leaving the Single Market will be bad for jobs by a margin of 57 to 18

Know Brexit is being botched – with just 1 per cent saying the process is going very well.

Unite has 1,420,000 members.

The full poll can be found here and YouGov Panel Methodology here.

July 2018’s Answer Hidden in Plain Sight Award goes to …

2018’s Prize for Most Imaginative Playing of the Race Card goes to Lee Jasper …

I imagine Jasper had people to handle questions about statistics and especially surveys, it would seem, when he worked for Ken Livingstone as Director for Policing and Equalities during Livingstone’s 2004 to 2008 term as Mayor of London?

If Jasper still has the contact details of those folk would he, please, pass them on to Diane Abbott?

And just for all those baffled by the fact that an opinion poll survey is not invalid, if it reports the opinions of a representative sample of a sub group of, say, a trade union’s membership …

Measuring Public Opinion