Does Jeremy #Corbyn still feel #Labour there are positives to #BREXIT/#LEXIT? Part Twenty Six #FBPE #WATON #ABTV


What next, Jeremy?  Your Jobs First BREXIT/LEXIT is a sick joke.

Will John McDonnell shortly announce plans to nationalise Airbus and any other company following their example?

Will you shamelessly attack them for putting profit before country when you eagerly put party and your narrow ideology before country?

Your plans to nationalise and re-nationalise sectors of the economy, enthusiastically supported by the unthinking members of your Cult, amount to no more than re-arranging the furniture whilst the economy burns down around your ears.

Still, your job and pension income are safe.

Your current pension income amounts to £35,000 per year, putting you in the top 40%, measured by income.

Should you ever retire from Parliament, your pension income will be around £85,000 per year, putting you in the top 5%, measured by income.

Not bad for doing nothing at all productive for most of your adult life?


JLR’s Discovery shift expected but big questions ahead


Centre for Brexit Studies

By Professor David Bailey, Visiting Professor at the Centre for Brexit Studies and Professor of Industrial Strategy at Aston Business School,

News that Jaguar Land Rover is shifting Discovery production to Slovakia seemed to catch a lot of people on the hop this week yet it had been planned for some time and widely expected. This particular move is not Brexit related (yet).

There will be fears over hundreds of agency staff job losses at Solihull (given the government’s lack of a German style part-time wage subsidy scheme to keep workers in place during such disruptions).

But the move also offers the prospect of JLR potentially investing up to £500m in building new models at Solihull, hopefully including electric and hybrid cars. This will hopefully include the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport from 2020.

The agency job losses from the Discovery shift will come on top of…

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Does Jeremy #Corbyn still feel #Labour there are positives to #BREXIT/#LEXIT? Part Twenty Five #FBPE #WATON #ABTV

“… potential losses of some agency employed staff in the UK is a tough one …”

“Brummies have been reacting to the news Jaguar Land Rover is to shift all production of its Discovery model to Slovakia from Birmingham.

It is a move likely to affect hundreds of workers.

The company said the switch will take place early next year and that agency workers are most at risk from the decision.

Two years ago the firm, owned by India’s Tata Motors, insisted that its Slovakia plant would “complement” its UK operations, with the Discovery built in both locations.

But on Monday 11th June Jaguar Land Rover said that all production of the Discovery would be done in the Eastern European nation.

“The decision to move the Land Rover Discovery to Slovakia and the potential losses of some agency employed staff in the UK is a tough one but forms part of our long-term manufacturing strategy as we transform our business globally,” the group added.

The announcement comes weeks after profits at Jaguar Land Rover were almost cut in half in the fourth quarter as the car-maker was stung by a combination of falling diesel sales, Brexit uncertainty and vehicle taxation.

The group saw pre-tax profit slump to £364 million in the three months to March 31, down from £676 million in the same period last year.

In the UK, the company said it was “impacted by consumer uncertainty surrounding diesel models, Brexit and vehicle taxation”.

Alongside the Slovakia announcement, Jaguar said it will invest millions in a revamp of Solihull, where the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models will be built.

In addition the next Range Rover Evoque will be built at a site in Halewood.

“This significant investment and technology upgrade in Solihull in order to accommodate our next-generation of flagship Land Rover models, and the refit of our Halewood plant for the next Evoque, is proof that we remain committed both to the UK and to transformation and growth,” the group said.

Here’s how Brummies reacted:

Daniel Howells: “Brexit is going to damage their supply links so they are moving to where there will definitely not be tariff barriers? Seeing as Britain has one of the lowest cooperation tax rates in Europe?”

Stephen Hammond: “You knew this was going to happen.”

Julie Guest: “We shouldn’t allow it to happen , this country will have no industry soon everything will be bought in which means more money to go abroad!!”

Martin Furey: “Thats the start of it only thing left JLR in this country will be the dealership”

Sara Coulson-Stobie: “They’ve already sacked loads of agency staff.

Warren Brighton: “It all starts with the Government taxing everyone/ everything heavily, followed by the company unions demanding more & more in salaries..last but not least, some of our younger generations don’t want to work!! Thus moving businesses abroad for cheaper overheads….”

Daniel Howells: “With brexit on the doorstep, this will only be the first of many leaving.”

David Francis: “Surprise, surprise.” ”

Does Jeremy #Corbyn still feel #Labour there are positives to #BREXIT/#LEXIT? Part Twenty Four #FBPE #WATON #ABTV

How a van driver explained the impact of BREXIT to Jacob Rees-Mogg …
The courier boss who challenged Jacob Rees-Mogg on BREXIT explains why we need to stay in the Customs Union and the Single Market.

My name is Ciaran Donovan, and I have over a decade of hands-on knowledge in express and customs-free movements of commercial goods in and out of Europe.

This week I challenged Jacob Rees-Mogg live on the radio because he is making misleading claims about what leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union will mean for small business owners like me.

For the last twelve years I have established my own European Express Transport Business, mainly transporting for “just in time” supply chains.

This includes collecting components for the automotive industry all over Europe and delivering them to 24-hour production lines back in the UK.

Car firms rely on a “just in time” supply of components

Some of my customers include Ford in Dagenham and Bridgend, Jaguar Land Rover in the Midlands, BMW Mini in Oxford and Nissan in Sunderland, as well as Rolls-Royce on the south coast.

All these car makers rely on the express movements of goods to assist in the smooth operation of their production lines, as they do not have the space to stockpile.

Prompt collection is absolutely vital …

Most of the jobs I work on are only made possible by being inside the Single Market, which gives me access to the goods, whilst being in the Customs Union means no physical border to clear them.

Politicians like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Kate Hoey talk a lot about Switzerland being a possible model for how the UK could operate outside the EU and outside the Customs Union.

Lorries face being stacked up at Dover if BREXIT creates extra paperwork

Well I’ve got actual experience of delivering goods from the EU into Switzerland and there are huge amounts of checks and paperwork and costs and delays involved.

Believe me, it is very far from frictionless.

When I was delivering goods for an exhibition there, I had to get an invoice of the goods in advance from the client, pay an upfront cost (to be claimed back later), contact a customs agent at Dover to let him know what was I delivering, wait hours in a car park whilst the paperwork was being cleared, drive to Switzerland and then clear customs again at the Swiss border.

None of this is necessary if you’re in the Customs Union …

Norway is another model that sometimes gets brought up, even though Norway is in the Single Market which the UK Government wants to leave (although like Switzerland, Norway is not in the Customs Union).

Again, I’ve delivered goods across the Norway border and it’s not as straightforward as we are being told by the politicians.

Due to the nature of the goods I was delivering, I was advised to get a carnet – a passport for goods.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is accused of misleading people over the impact of BREXIT

They vary in price but this one cost £750. It took my customer one week to compile the carnet, and EVERYTHING had to be listed.

If you get it wrong, the fines are big, even if it’s an honest mistake.

Once I arrived in Norway I was stopped by customs and told to park up while they check everything in my van against what was listed on the carnet, a process that took five hours.

I recently acquired a big contract with a major European customer to collect and deliver goods on an express service (usually overnight) from Paris to London and back twice a week.

This will only be made possible by the freedom of movement of commercial goods.

I really fear that this contract will be lost if we leave.

I know it’s not just about me

This is about the wider picture: we need to look after the interests of the UK as a whole, not just the wishes of a few who want to leave the Customs Union and the Single Market for their own benefit.

That’s why I support a People’s Vote on the final BREXIT deal , so that we can look at what’s actually on offer and decide if it’s in the best interests of the whole country.

Resistance in Hampstead and Kilburn over minute’s silence for Tessa Jowell


Richard Osley

NOBODY wants to admit defeat but it’s a tough job trying to work out what exactly went on behind closed doors at the recent constituency meeting of Labour members in Hampstead and Kilburn. To say there are disputes about the direction of travel within the group, however, is not a wild bet.

Even the issue of whether members should stand for a period of silence to remember Tessa Jowell, the former Camden councillor who went on to become the Culture Secretary in the New Labour governments, was a matter of some dispute. Sources said they were distressed to hear muttering and mumbling as the peace was broken during this time for reflection. Some, around five, were unwilling to take part at all in marking the passing of a politician who had worked closely with Tony Blair.

Members, by several accounts, then asked for another’s minute of silence, after a call…

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