Are self appointed Peoples Momentum and much of Jeremy Corbyn’s fan club just a bunch of permanent undergraduates, putting the world to rights over a glass or two of w(h)ine?


The text for today’s sermon is taken from John Bew’s recent biography of Clement Attlee:

“Here was the problem with the self-styled intellectuals with whom he had once worked so closely in the Society for Socialist Inquiry and Propaganda.  Harold Laski, the London School of Economics professor, was a “brilliant chap, but he talked too much”.  GDH Cole was similarly “brilliant” but, once again, like Cripps, “he used to have a new idea every year, irrespective of whether the ordinary man was interested in it or not.”  In a damning phrase, Attlee called Cole a “permanent undergraduate”.  The great pity about Cripps was that he could convince himself that whatever policy he was putting forward at any one time was “absolutely right” and he would listen to no counter-arguments.”

Citizen Clem: A Biography of Attlee (and Winner of the Orwell Prize)



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