Hope next time #Corbyn’s on a bus, he’s asked why #Labour’s pledged to freeze, if not cut 1st class season tickets of City gents, but has no plans to even freeze bus fares of a lone parent on Income Support riding on Birmingham omnibus!


The nutter on the bus

I hope next time Jeremy Corbyn is on a bus, someone asks him why Labour is pledged to freeze, if not cut the first class season tickets of City gents, but has no plans to even freeze the bus fares of the lone parent on Income Support riding on the Birmingham omnibus.

Census 2011 Rail Use2

More people travel by bus than train and the average bus passenger is not as affluent as the average rail commuter.

Census 2011 Bus Use2

Labour’s renationalisation plan is about cutting rail fares for the more affluent public transport user, whilst doing nothing similar for the woman on the Birmingham omnibus, but that cannot be right, can it?

Jeremy Corbyn has developed a real knack for meaningless sound bite politics since he became Labour leader …

Bus Services2


That @OwenJones84 Isn’t Funny Anymore … #LabourAntiSemitism #EnoughIsEnough



The Gerasites

To observe Owen Jones at work is to see somebody carefully negotiating difficult terrain. He has been the vanguard for this latest form of full-time campaigner-cum-party surrogate disguised as a commentator. People for whom purpose and credibility are at constant odds with each other.

Jones is both inside the tent and outside and does wondrous work trying to square the circle. “All commentators are biased it’s just that I’m honest about it” is the line and it’s a typically good one. But the tension many political commentators experience between having friends in the game, being a player yourself, and commentating on that game, has rarely been more obvious than it is with Jones. And so his output constantly resembles tactics far more than just a writer trying to make sense of the world from their particular vantage point. And it’s those contortions (see him on Brexit), the tightrope-walking, and most…

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