Plight of middle class will propel #Labour to victory under #Corbyn




George Orwell remarked that the middle class have an uncanny knack of praying in aid the working class when the middle class are seeking to defend or extend their perquisites.  Their goal achieved the middle class would then leave the working class back where they found them, albeit may be a little better off on occasion.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?

Incidentally, taking people on low incomes out of Income Tax does not take them out of tax.  A mistake usually made by a certain type of ukip or Tory supporter.  Middle class supporters, perhaps?





“don’t consider” yourself “wealthy” Jeremy Corbyn?

Zoe Williams smiles as Corbyn pledges no middle class child left behind, again …

Corbyn’s Fans Won’t Suffer When Labour Loses General Election, Working Class Will

Middle-class university graduates will decide future of Labour Party & Corbyn

Is this the Labour Party of 1930s or 2010s, Corbyn?


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