Last Day for Registering for May’s Council and European Elections is Tuesday 6th May!


On the 22nd May, European Parliamentary elections are taking place across the UK, local council elections are taking place in some areas of England and mayoral elections are taking place in five boroughs.

You must be registered in order to vote. The registration deadline for these elections is 6 May.

You can download a registration form here.

If you are a citizen of another European Union country but reside in the UK, you can register to vote in the UK at a European Parliamentary election.  You must also complete a European Parliament voter registration form, available here.

If you are a student you can vote in local government elections at home and at your term-time address, as long as they are not in the same local government area.  See more at: Students – About my vote, produced by The Electoral Commission.

Why Vote?

Because as my Mom says, people fought and died to get us the right to vote.  Others died in war to preserve our right to vote.

Spare a few minutes please to vote on 22nd and honour the sacrifices of our forebears.

For What Can I Vote?

To find out which elections are taking place where you are, enter your details into the Your local area section on the home page.

For more information on each election, click the relevant link below:

European Parliamentary Elections
Local and Mayoral Elections

How Do I Vote?

Information on when and how to vote is available here.

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