Keir Starmer out on the by election campaign trail in North Shropshire Part Four …

Labour’s key policy is to buy, make and sell more in Britain (to boost imports)

“Mr Starmer, Shropshire Star, have you enjoyed your visit to this haulage firm, today?”

“What’s your answer to the staffing crisis in the haulage sector?”

“You came here today to talk about the sterling work HGV drivers do and not Brexit. And to pose for photographs in a hi-vis vest looking like a real trucker?”

“Only kidding, Mr Starmer, but I never mentioned Brexit.”

“So what’s your answer to the labour and skill shortages that haulage companies, building companies, bus companies, waste companies … are facing?”

Buy, make and sell more in Britain. Doesn’t that just create more job vacancies to fill?”

“Isn’t that the same brand of fridge the Prime Minister used during his 2019 General Election campaign?”

“I bet you wish it was a TARDIS …”

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