KISS, Keir Starmer, KISS!


Your Tory MP wants to make money on side when he/she (delete before publishing as appropriate) should work for you.


Tory MPs want to make money on the side when they should be working for you/the country (delete before publishing as appropriate).

(Consider collage of newspaper front page headlines on the scandal, ideally from the Mail, the Sun and/or the Express)

Labour works for you!

Team Starmer keep knocking out sub-standard campaign material.

It is poorly presented, badly worded and confuses the message.

Frankly, who cares for what Labour called and who voted which way?

And dodgy second jobs implies there are legitimate second jobs.

Do we want to get the average voter puzzling over the difference between the two? The average voter who takes little or no interest in politics between one polling day and the next?

No, we do not.

We want to get their attention and present a straight talking message not sow confusion about it or detract from it.

Labour Batley and Spen By Election Campaign Material

Posters and memes requiring interpreters and/or footnotes to fully comprehend their meaning are an ineffective means of communication.

Is there any polling on whether voters are more likely to know their MP’s name or recognise their photograph or vice versa?

Clearly, Team Starmer think the photograph trumps the name or else why lowlight the name?

And, if you must use photographs of Tory MPs, do not use an (agreeable, soft focus) image they would pick for themselves.

Definitely avoid one they would happily put on their own party leaflets.

In fact, why promote them at all? It is like Labour putting out a knock up leaflet on polling day in an area known to solidly vote Tory.

You just do not do it.

Although, I confess that I did like this image of Tom Randall.

Are Labour’s memes Disability Discrimination Act compliant?

Are the sizes of the fonts, the use of descending text size (!); the colours; the blocks; the use of bold lettering and italics accessible to the many not the few?

Are these memes just too busy for the message?

Tory MPs want to make money on the side when they should be working for you.

Labour works for you!

Keep It Simple Stupid!

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